Strike Texas Flag Ultimate Dust Cover



The Strike Ultimate Dust Cover (UDC) enables users to attach and detach the cover in seconds with ease! This is a huge improvement over the traditional mil-spec dust covers which often require removing the handguard and tools to hammer the retaining rod into place on the upper receiver.

Our UDC is constructed of a high-density polymer making it more durable and functional than stock dust covers. With multiple designs in black and FDE, they feature an adjustable detent set screw which compensates for the eventual wear on the receiver (causing dust covers to have difficulty staying closed).

By adjusting this detent with a small flathead driver, users can adjust how much the ball detent extends outside of its pocket – which helps increase the dust cover fitment and tolerance against the upper receiver.

Some NEW features of the Ultimate Dust Cover Enhanced Version (UDC-E) include the added cut-out window on the rod for easy disassembly and removal. It has also been made thinner than the original UDC to be compatible with all AR15 receivers on the market. For all your weight saving afficionados, you may also appreciate this dust cover’s weight as it’s only 0.3oz.

With Strike’s “True Seal” Lip, the UDC-E has also been updated to provide an even better seal then ever before!

*We strongly recommended applying blue Loctite threadlocker to the ball-detent thread after being adjusted.

-AR-15 Mil-Spec upper receivers
-Most billet AR-15 upper receivers
-Aero Precision M4E1
-VLTOR MUR: Modular Upper Receiver
-ZRO Delta
-Lantac Enhanced BCG due to carrier and bolt design
-Bootleg Four Position Adjustable Carrier

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Black, FDE