Texas LTC Instruction

We’re changing up the training game! It will now be easier than ever to get your Texas license to carry, and learn to shoot a handgun!

Texas has approved an online license to carry classes. Instead of spending an entire day sitting in a classroom trying to stay awake, you can now complete the classroom portion online, or on your phone, all without ever leaving your house. When you do the online class option, you are still required to do training and a proficiency demonstration with a qualified LTC instructor. That’s where I come in! For only $75 we’ll go to the range for some quality instruction and tune up your shooting techniques, and qualify for the Texas LTC. This is for beginners, and experts alike. There is no experience needed. If you’re familiar with firearms, we’ll go through and make sure you’re fine tuned, and do some drills for practice. If you’ve never fired a gun before, that’s awesome! We can do a full blown beginner pistol course, go through firearms safety, fundamentals of shooting, and get you comfortable for the qualification! Note, I only teach the shooting portion of this class, and am not associated with the online school portion…there are many different online school providers that you can use, but a link to the one I recommend is provided below to help you get started!

Step 1: Take the ONLINE LTC CLASS and get your LTC-101 form you will need to apply for a Texas LTC. You can register for an online school below:

Register here for the ONLINE CLASS

Step 2: Register with us below to complete the shooting portion of your class! You can go ahead and register with us now, and after your online portion is done we can head to the range!

Register to SHOOT HERE

This is a 2 hour range instruction and qualification. You will need a handgun, a minimum of 100-150 rounds, and eye and ear protection. If you don’t have anything and need to borrow/rent a firearm get in touch with me before the class and I’ll make sure you have what you need for the course. We will typically conduct our shooting and training at Shoot Smart in Benbrook, TX.

If you need ammunition, you can find what we have in stock HERE. You can buy it off my website and I’ll bring it to our class together for you.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help assist with your journey to getting your Texas LTC