I started TX Arms in 2017 as a “self sustaining hobby”, and have been incredibly blessed to have been able to grow it into the business we have now. I’ve always enjoyed shooting, and have been shooting seriously and competitively since college. I’m extremely passionate about firearms and safety, and wanted to have a way that I could share that passion with those around me. I’m a certified pistol instructor, and teach Texas LTC classes as well. My beautiful wife, Emily, also loves to shoot. I couldn’t do any of this without her support. We, as a family, and as a company, are huge supporters of our country and constitution. We also want to say a huge THANK YOU to our military, law enforcement, and first responders who constantly fight to protect our rights and lives.



I grew up in the last frontier wrestling grizzly bears and catching salmon in Alaska for over 13 years. Now I’m a domesticated house wife who homeschools our 4 children, and run the gun business full time with my husband. It is a constant struggle trying to keep him aligned with the business and from constantly “sampling the product”. I may have a pretty smile, but I will filet a fish, wrangle a gaggle of toddlers, and outshoot you all before lunch time (or nap time). I’m a ride or die kind of girl…at least until about 8:30pm or so.



I am a married father of three with a background in firearms  and automotive engineering. Making and fixing are my two favorite things to do. Is it already great? Let’s make it AMAZING! Pursuing perfection and peak efficiency are my working passions. Whether I am developing the best AR15 in the world, or building a 750 horsepower grocery-getter, I am at home doing unexpected and unusual projects that make you stop and think. I’m using my gifts to bring glory to God.



I spent the 10 or so years prior to meeting Matt tending, managing, and having partial ownership of bars and music venues in Denton, TX. Honing my “unique” customer service skill set to a razor’s edge. I married a stone cold fox and we made another tiny person. I met Matt in 2015 through the We Like Shooting podcast and began shooting competitively. Not well…but, against other people and often. In 2020, I began making knives as a side gig so Mr. Walker decided that was probably a good time to see if I wanted to take on a 3rd “job”. Now we are here, you and me, locked in this eternal struggle against the evils of Taurus, SCCY, and Hi-Point with only a handful of boomers…here to defend TX Arms against the big box stores. Godspeed. I have no idea what I’m doing here.



I am a Navy veteran who loves firearms, and have recently began a new adventure into the competition shooting world. With a passion for firearms and a wealth of expertise in marketing, I can bring a unique blend of knowledge and enthusiasm to TX Arms. From crafting compelling campaigns to fostering a community of responsible gun owners, I have a commitment to excellence that ensures our customers receive not only top-quality firearms and accessories but also valuable resources for safe and enjoyable experiences. With me at the helm of our marketing efforts, you can trust that your journey with TX Arms will be nothing short of exceptional.