Break-Free CLP – Precision Applicator


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Break-Free flagship product known as CLP, which stands for Clean, Lubricate and Protect. This is the all in one product that met the needs of the US military for an all in one product for firearm maintenance. CLP is a quality cleaner that will help break down carbon and fouling from your firearms bore and chamber. The lubrication dramatically reduces the adhesion of sand grit or other abrasives which cause wear and failure. The Protect aspect refers to the corrosion inhibitors which prevent the formation of rust and puts a light film which protects metal surfaces.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: CLP-PS
CLP Filled Syringe
One 7.5ml Syringe
Pinpoint accuracy
Break-Free CLP proprietary design
US Military approved
For use in all weather conditions
Ideal for firearms, but can also be used with fishing equipment, knives, and other outdoor equipment