TX Arms AR15 Lower Parts Kit – Builders Kit


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TX Arms AR15 Lower Parts Kit – Builder’s Kit

The perfect starting point for your rifle project

This kit has the basic fundamentals needed to start your next AR15 build off correctly. These are the parts that I use in all of my rifles, and allows you to select and customize your rifle without ending up with a giant parts bin of useless things you’ll never use! I’ve assembled these kits from front to back, in the order that I build them with that makes sense…no more opening 4 different bags just to do one step and then having the rest of the parts rolling around getting lost. To complete your lower you will need a buffer tube kit, grip, trigger guard, and fire control group…

TX Arms’ lower parts kits contain all high quality, 100% American-made components, manufactured to our exacting standards. Each kit is guaranteed to fit your Mil-Spec dimensions lower receiver. This parts kit is covered under our TX Arms Lifetime Warranty.

This builders kit includes:
– Tough phosphate magazine catch assembly
– Bolt catch, detent, spring, and roll pin
– A toothpick to aid in assembly of the bolt catch (helps to hold it all together while driving in the roll pin)
– Takedown and pivot pins (nitrided for smooth, easier use)
– Takedown pin/pivot pin detents and springs (plus an extra one for the oops)
– Buffer retainer pin and spring
– Safety selector (milspec or ambi)
– Safety selector detent and spring

The ambi safety selector also comes with a packet of vibratite to help keep that second arm secure.

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Milspec, Ambi

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