Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone Cleaning Wipes


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Hoppe’s has been the go-to brand of gun cleaning supplies for over 100 years. Whether you need solvents and oils or brushes and jags, Hoppe’s has what you need, when you need it. Hoppe’s was trusted by your father, your grandfather and your great grandfather for one simple reason; they knew what worked! Hoppe’s is what works. When all the fads and gimmicks have come, gone and faded away, Hoppe’s will still be there. They are “The Gun Care People”.

Studies show that soap and water only remove 72 percent of contaminates after a day at the range. Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone wipes have been proven to remove 98.8 percent of contaminates on their own and 99.9 percent of lead and metal dust with a simple water rinse! Anytime you discharge a firearm you’re exposed to toxic heavy metals that can be transferred objects, foods, or even loved ones. Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone wipes trap toxic metals to remove them from your skin with a gentle pH cleaner. Infused with aloe skin moisturizers Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone prevents that dry skin feeling common with other lead removal products. Just enjoy your sport, use Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone as directed, rinse, and have the peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

Specifications and Features:
Hoppe’s Lead-B-Gone LBG40
Skin Cleansing Wipes
40 Wipe Can
Wipe Size 5″x8″
Removes 98.8 % lead, and other metal contaminates
Gentle pH cleaner
Aloe skin moisturizers
Soft towels lift and trap lead and metal dust
For hands, arms, face, neck and any other exposed skin
Use after discharging firearms, reloading, handling lead ammo