Holosun EPS Carry 6 MOA Dot


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Holosun EPS Carry 6 MOA Red Dot Sight, engineered to deliver unmatched precision and reliability, perfect for both seasoned marksmen and shooting enthusiasts alike.

Pinpoint Accuracy with 6 MOA Dot: Get ready to witness exceptional shooting performance with the Holosun EPS Carry. Boasting a crystal-clear 6 MOA dot, this red dot sight guarantees rapid target acquisition and precise shots with ease. Whether you’re engaged in close-quarter encounters or engaging targets from a distance, this sight empowers you to hit the bullseye consistently.

Ready for Action: The Holosun EPS Carry is designed with durability in mind. Constructed from premium materials with a CNC milled 7075 aluminum housing, this red dot sight is rugged, ensuring optimal performance in demanding shooting conditions. Its shockproof design means it can handle the harshest recoil without missing a beat, making it the ideal companion for all your shooting adventures. With up to a 50,000 hour battery life you’ll never have to worry about if your dot will be ready for action.

Enhanced Situational Awareness: The 6 MOA red dot offers exceptional visibility, allowing for quick target acquisition and improved situational awareness. With both eyes open, shooters can maintain focus on the target while superimposing the dot, enhancing their overall shooting experience and performance.

User-Friendly Controls: Ease of use is paramount, and the Holosun EPS Carry delivers. Featuring intuitive controls, adjusting brightness levels is a breeze. Spend less time fumbling with settings and more time honing your shooting skills.

Streamlined and Lightweight: Designed for the modern shooter, the Holosun EPS Carry’s compact and lightweight build ensures it integrates seamlessly with your firearm, providing a low-profile and snag-free solution. Carry with confidence and maintain your weapon’s sleek appearance.

Built to Endure the Elements: Whether you’re out in the field or at the range, the Holosun EPS Carry is ready for any weather conditions. Waterproof and rugged, this red dot sight is engineered to withstand the elements, ensuring it remains dependable through rain, dust, and any harsh environments.

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