Exothermic Technologies Under Barrel Flamethrower – UBF


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With the same 25-foot reach* and about 20 seconds of fuel capacity, this compact configuration maximizes versatility. Use it fully handheld, mounted to a picatinny equipped device, or even with the Pulsefire Backpack Kit.

Red plastic AR15 with Pulsefire UBF attached, rocky desert environment.

How do you mount the Pulsefire® UBF to a gun?

A simple lever activated clamp mounted to the top of the UBF secures the rear handle in any number of positions. It just so happens that the handle assembly uses the MIL-STD-1913 profile. Thus, you can clamp it onto any common picatinny rail.

Diagram of the Pulsefire UBF highlighting the picatinny clamp and handle assembly.

If it’s mounted to a gun, how do you refill it?

Use that quick detach lever clamp and un-mount it from the gun. Lay it on its side and extend the built-in kickstand, which keeps the tank as level as possible, letting you fill things up to the brim safely and efficiently.

Pulsefire UBF laying on its side, fuel cap off, with kickstand extended.

The UBF can also use the Pulsefire Backpack Kit.

With a simple male-to-male adapter (included with the backpack kit), you can easily connect the hose from the Pulsefire UBF to the backpack reservoir, boosting your ability to emit fuel and flames to over 4 minutes.

Diagram of Pulsefire UBF, adapter fitting, and backpack kit hose.

While the UBF is focused more on novelty, it’s still capable of typical long range torch use. However, it is less ergonomic than the standard Pulsefire LRT when it comes to full time utility.

Length 16.0 in (without handle)
Width 5.0 in
Height 9.0 in
Weight 6.0 lb
Ignition High frequency electric spark
Default Nozzle 0.72″ solid stream
Typical Reach ≥ 25 ft*
Fuel Capacity 0.25 gal
Compatible Fuel Gasoline, gasoline-diesel mixture
Primary Materials Aluminum, Viton, brass
Finish Powder coat
Battery 2200 mAh 3-cell rechargeable lithium
Illustrated diagram of the Pulsefire UBF identifying parts and their locations on the device.