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Rounding out the awesome Sandman series is the Sandman K. K for Kurtz, German for short. If you are looking for minimal length this is your ticket. Plus it’s short. Real short and that means less back pressure.

By only adding 2.9″ to the muzzle length this can is built for your AR pistols, Short Barreled Rifles or whatever you need to keep short, ready and handy. The Sandman K shares all features with the Sandman line. So you can change from a 5.56, .270 or a 7.62 end cap with ease to squeeze the most suppression out of your can. It also has the same rock solid Key-mo mounting system. So if you’ve already got a Sandman series you are good to go with all of your mounts.


LENGTH: 5.4″

WEIGHT: 12.8 oz.

Stellite baffle core, Stainless steel body and Cerakote finish to keep it looking legit.

Sharing all of the features of the Sandman-S and Sandman-L, while adding only 2.9″ to your muzzle.

Dead Air’s Lifetime Warranty

First of all, it is short. Second, the Sandman K is rated up to .300 Win Mag. Thirdly, with no barrel restrictions, this silencer has what it takes. When size and overall length is mission critical, the Sandman K is the one of the top contenders.


DA Vinyl Sticker

User Manual

2 Spanner Wrenches

Key Mount Muzzle Brake 5/8×24

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