Angstadt Arms Integrally Suppressed 9mm PCC Barrel



Vanquish suppressor overview

Experience innovation and precision at its finest with the Vanquish AR9 integrally suppressed barrel. This groundbreaking suppressor breaks free from the constraints of traditional silencers, thanks to our patented zero baffle design.

Gone are the days of needing to shoot expensive, heavy-grain subsonic ammo just to sound good. Thanks to a ported barrel design, the sonic crack of 115-grain ammo is eliminated, resulting in a shot that sounds just as good as heavy-grain subs.

Already shooting subsonic ammunition? Our adjustable, ported barrel ensures you’ll achieve the perfect shot every time. Preserve the velocity of the round by closing up to 8 ports.

Maintenance is a breeze with the Vanquish. With no internal baffles to worry about, you can focus more on your shooting and less on post-range cleaning.

Handguard compatibility:

The integrally suppressed barrel can be used with any mil-spec upper receiver. The suppressor’s shroud has an outer diameter of 1.5″ and requires a handguard with a minimum inner diameter that accounts for this dimension.

M-LOK attachment compatibility:

Depending on the handguard you choose, you may need to use shorter M-LOK screws when installing attachments. This will prevent the screws from coming into contact with the suppressor shroud. It’s worth noting that most screws provided with attachments are longer than necessary. Based on our experience, we have found that the Vanquish barrel and handguards with a minimum inside diameter of 1.72″ are generally compatible with most M-LOK accessories. Just remember to use shorter M-LOK screws for optimal fit.

Barrel installation:

Installing the Vanquish suppressed barrel is the same as a standard barrel. Start by aligning the index pin on the barrel extension with the slot in your upper receiver. Then, follow the instructions provided by the handguard manufacturer to install the barrel nut and handguard. Lastly, slide the shroud over the barrel and securely attach the end cap to the threaded section. For detailed assembly instructions, refer to the instruction manual provided.

Vanquish Suppressed 9mm Rifle Barrel Specifications:

  • BARREL: 10.5″ or 16″ precision ported barrel in 4140R chrome-moly steel with a 1-10” twist
  • OUTER SHROUD: 316 stainless steel with a High Temp Black or Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 11″ or 16.2”

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10.5", 16"